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Brown & Co. Merges with Keller Williams to Form Powerhouse S.F. Brokerage


News Release: Nov. 10th, 2016
Kilby Stenkamp, (415) 370-7582,

SAN FRANCISCO – Venerable San Francisco real estate firm Brown & Co. and world-wide giant Keller Williams have teamed up to offer the most comprehensive buying and selling experience in the city.

Brown & Co., a long time player in the S.F. real estate scene, will merge with the Keller Williams S.F. agency, which opened city offices in May. Since then it’s grown to 100 agents and broker-associates, and expanded to an additional office. The merger will grow the Keller Williams S.F. agency to two new locations and add 13 more agents to its team.

“I think the technology and management systems that Keller Williams offers and just the size of being affiliated with a larger agency will be a benefit to me, my agents and my clients,” said Tim Brown, CEO of Brown & Co.

Anne Kennedy, broker of record and an owner of the Keller Williams San Francisco agency, said Brown is an icon whose team will further strengthen the firm’s foothold in the west of Twin Peaks area and on the city’s north side. His team will also bring a lot of experience with new and multi-family development. Brown started the firm in 1978 and has been active on the San Francisco Association of Realtor’s board as both a member and CFO.

“Getting into business with Brown & Co. brings together the best in real estate that the city has to offer and it expands our footprint to support the consumer base in additional neighborhoods,” said operating principal and owner Rick Cunningham.

Keller Williams is an international real estate franchise with 700 offices and 150,000 associates worldwide. It was recently named the fastest growing brokerage in the industry’s history by The National Association of Realtors and is No. 1 worldwide in terms of agents and transaction counts. Keller Williams considers itself to be a training and education company fueled by technology. The new S.F. office is on track to close $1 billion in sales in its first year. Other owners of the S.F. office are: Danielle Lazier, Michael Minson, Franklin Lee, Eddie O’Sullivan, Jennifer Rosdail and Kilby Stenkamp. read more →

Renovation Angel Gives Luxury Kitchens A Second Life

I remember seeing a kitchen in a $17 million dollar home in the Gold Coast area (last two blocks of Broadway – across the street2 from the Getty’s and Larry Ellison). I was really quite obsessed with it. Among the home’s features are the view, a car spinner (like a cake plate for cars so you don’t have to turn around) and the center kitchen island, which was custom fabricated of a kind of french ceramic called Enameled Lava Stone. Just a patio table can be $10,000. I estimated the cost of the island must have been $40,000-50,000. The colors was so vivid and striking and I remember hoping that whoever was buying the house was very lucky and I hoped they appreciated this feature. They didn’t. I heard through the grapevine that they immediately tore it out. I was upset and horrified at the waste (and, of course, that I missed this dumpster diving opportunity).

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