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Renovation Angel Gives Luxury Kitchens A Second Life

I remember seeing a kitchen in a $17 million dollar home in the Gold Coast area (last two blocks of Broadway – across the street2 from the Getty’s and Larry Ellison). I was really quite obsessed with it. Among the home’s features are the view, a car spinner (like a cake plate for cars so you don’t have to turn around) and the center kitchen island, which was custom fabricated of a kind of french ceramic called Enameled Lava Stone. Just a patio table can be $10,000. I estimated the cost of the island must have been $40,000-50,000. The colors was so vivid and striking and I remember hoping that whoever was buying the house was very lucky and I hoped they appreciated this feature. They didn’t. I heard through the grapevine that they immediately tore it out. I was upset and horrified at the waste (and, of course, that I missed this dumpster diving opportunity).

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Where to watch 4th of July fireworks!

fireworks-825652_640I remember when I was little and my family excitedly went to the marina green to watch the fireworks only to hear them explode behind a thick curtain of fog. We had a great time picnicking and with our sparklers anyway.

I hope that this year it is clear, windless and amazing! Click here for a list of some top picks for viewing.

And if you want to get out of the city itself, many municipalities around the bay have wonderful, old fashioned celebrations to attend. Notably, Sonoma and Calistoga.

Stay safe and enjoy the 4th!!

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