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North Side / Noe House swap?

How bad is the inventory crisis? I think that this ad I saw today makes it crystal clear: May I please trade my $3MM house for your $3MM house?… No, for real, this is an actual ad posted today by a SF Realtor. Read on …

I have clients with a great house in Noe just a few blocks from 24th, worth around $3 million. They are no longer commuting to the Peninsula and want to move to a similar house in Pacific Heights/ Cow Hollow/ Jordan Park – but don’t want to be homeless with a baby and there’s no inventory! It’s a long shot, but if anyone has clients currently on the North side who would love to be in the heart of Noe instead, please contact me and maybe we can work out something creative to make both our clients happy.

Of course if you have any leads please let me know and maybe we can help these folks out. read more →

Dutch guy comes up with best way to show people around his house for sale!

This Dutch guy, who is selling his house, has come up with THE BEST way to show people around.

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