10-Year Treasury Hit a Historic Low Again

February 18, 2016

up-logo_0I have recently joined the board of a fantastic nonprofit organization, United Policyholders. The mission of United Policyholders is to “empower the insured.”

In practical terms this means that they help provide consumers with advice as to how to make claims against their insurance companies, especially in the case of large natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, the recent Northern California fires or the flooding that just happened in New Jersey. But they also try to make sure that consumers care enough coverage, document their belongings and condition of their home well enough to make the claim in case it is after happens. They have a wonderful app, that I encourage you to download and use today to establish a record of your possessions and condition of your home. To try it out, search for UPHelp Home Inventory App in the App Store or click here.

More about United Policyholders and to become one of the empowered, click here.