2008 Homes of the Week – What Happened?

January 12, 2009
This year, I’ve really enjoyed writing the “Home of The Week” that usually heads this newsletter. I think the varied disposition of these different listings says a lot about the kind of year we had. I thought it might be fun to let you know how the marketing of each of these homes turned out. There is a link to the listing for each property (the address) as well as to the original blog post (the date).


AddressDate on BlogStatus
39 Havens4/17/08Remains unsold.  The price has been reduced three times from an original price of $1,675,000 and is now priced at $1,295,000
849 Sanchez5/9/08Originally priced at $3,250,000 it sold after 20 days on the market for $3,400,000 with multiple offers.
43-45 Sanchez5/21/08Originally listed for $1,525,000, this three unit building sold in 18 days for $1,600,000 with multiple offers.
Kick Ranch5/30/08Listed for $6.2 million, this award winning vineyard was withdrawn  from the market in July after about 3 months in the MLS.  Updates on the Web site look like the owners are enjoying having retained the property.
821-823 Fillmore6/6/08Originally listed for $1,898,000 in March, this property eventually sold in July after four price reductions for $1,500,000.
The Orchard at Carneros6/18/08The management has sold 28 out of 170 fractional shares in the 17 homes.  The 2008 price of $300,000 remains unchanged.
419 Peru7/8/08The property is currently available, but withdrawn from the MLS.  It was in escrow in October, but fell out because the buyer’s were unable to obtain financing.  Prior going into escrow the price was reduced once from the original list price of $649k to $619k. 
1611-1613 Fulton7/28/08Sold after a mere 2 weeks on the market for $2,386,000, which was 10k less than the original asking price.  I believe the 10k was the result of a negotiation that occurred during escrow.
1601 Monterey9/5/08Listed for $5.4 Million, this home was sold after 29 days on the market for an undisclosed price.
2730 Fulton9/26/08One of the great success stories of 2008, the developers deserve to be congratulated for their timing as well as building exactly the kind of perfect family home we find in short supply in San Francisco in all price ranges.  This home was sold as a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath fixer in March of 2008 for $1,605,000 and then brought back fully remodeled as a 5 bedroom, 4.5 bath showplace in September and quickly sold $17k over asking price for $2,415,000.
SF City Hall10/30/08Still not for sale.
123 Laurel11/20/08Perfectly reflective of the market mood, current scarcity of development capital, and the fact that the market prefers perfect homes, this yardless luxury fixer remains unsold at its original price of $3,750,000
60 Clarendon12/12/08After 80 days on the market, and a 300k price reduction just over a month ago, this home remains unsold.  This is reflective of the home’s design, which is beautiful and luxurious, but is not terribly well-suited to the kind of large family that could use all those bedrooms.