A Few More Details on 2012 Sales

January 9, 2013

There are a lot more statistics on the market in general below, but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the KINDS of properties I sold in 2012. Because it is different from what I sold in 2009 and 2010. The take away is that it really is a good time to sell just about any kind of property… If you have been sitting on the fence or think you are still stuck, please reach out and let’s talk!

Five of my 19 sales were TICs. Between 2008 and 2012, TICs were not moving at all. I listed three TICs this year. We sold one at asking in about three weeks, one just below asking in two weeks, and one 30k (5%) over asking price in about 10 days. That was OVER asking price folks. For a TIC. Haven’t heard that one in a few years.

Also, while I am hearing that the “distressed” market is in decline, 2 of the 19 sales were bank owned (REO) and 3 were short sales. (Though I am great at this stuff, it is painful, frustrating and I won’t mind when people are all making money again, so I hope the experts are right and distressed sales are on the way out!)

Three out of 19 were investment properties.

Eight out of 19 were listings. And all but one of my eight listings sold in 2 weeks or less.

Eleven out of 19 were buyer representations; and

Four of the eleven buyer representations were ones we saw prior to them being listed in the MLS. It was a fast paced market and getting the jump on the competition was the name of the game. Two I found out about by networking with other agents, one my buyers found scouring craig’s list, and one I found by knocking on the door of a distressed home because it fit the bill for a buyer I had in mind. This was a significant difference from past years where one or two sales would be pre-market opportunities.

If you want to look at specific closings, they can all be found here: https://www.jenniferrosdail.com/properties/sold/