A Remembrance of Dianne Feinstein

October 5, 2023

In about 1973, while waiting in line for gas (anyone remember that) I saw a sign on the gas station on Sloat Blvd. in San Francisco that said, “Vote for Dianne Feinstein for Mayor!” I looked at my mom and said, “But isn’t she a girl?” And my mom said, “Yes, why?” And I said, “But girls can’t be mayor?” My mom told me something that changed my life – she said, “Of course, girls can be mayor. They can be anything men can be and anything they want to be.” As shocking as this seems today, 50 years ago, I didn’t know that because I had never seen a woman run for office, be in office, be a doctor, be a senator, or anything else. All I saw on TV and in the newspaper was men in suits and an occasional woman walking through to hand one of them something. I have gone on to be a business person myself and have worked on two Feinstein campaigns for Senate and was blessed to be in the room when she declared victory over Michael Huffington in 1994, which I believe was her last close race.

Dianne Feinstein as a role model changed my life for the better and I I want to express my gratitude for her life of service to our great City and our State. We are so lucky to have had her and while she may seem to have served past her prime, her dedication was an impressive accomplishment in and of itself.

Today is her funeral and I wish those who loved her most a peaceful goodbye.