A Response to #SFIST and The Like

March 24, 2014

I take exception to some of the colorful commentary you have offered on my post about The Quad:

First, real sales data proves there is disproportionate value growth in this area. So, call the area I identified what you will, the numbers prove it is “real.”

I said the influx of “mostly” new San Franciscans was “young,” and “under  forty,” not “twenty something’s.”

I never said whether I liked the change or not – just that it’s there, that the area increasing in value most quickly seems to have certain borders.  The concept of “The Quad” is additive – not reductive – to neighborhood identifications that already exist.

Finally, I am surprised at the strong reaction regarding my identification of an emerging trend in real estate values by using data and analysis.  A fundamental understanding of market dynamics is a huge part of my job…