All Real Estate is Local – District by District Analysis of San Francisco

October 30, 2008

All politics are local according to the late Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill. So, even more definitively, are residential real estate trends. Despite the upsetting furor on the news, most areas of San Francisco are holding fairly steady year over year and some are even up! As proof I submit to you the following district by district analyses of San Francisco, prepared in-house by Paragon’s resident obsessive statistician Patrick Carlisle.  If you’ve been observing the national or even regional news and wondering what’s happening to your own San Francisco home value, this should shed some light on what exactly has been happening in your neighborhood . . .Of course, anytime you’d like an in-depth analysis of your very own home or investment, just let me know!  If you don’t know what district you’re in – just ping me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

District 1 Market Analysis:

District 2 Market Analysis:

District 4 Market Analysis:

District 5 Market Analysis:

District 7 Market Analysis:

District 8 Market Analysis:

District 9 Market Analysis:

You might notice that districts 3 and 10 are not yet included in the list.  Suffice to say that while these areas are holding up better than, say, Solano County, they are not performing as well as the rest of the City. 

Now, if you’re a long-term home owner and you just want to feel good about yourself, check out this link: San Francisco Home Appreciation since 1994: