An Eye on the Past: Crowd Sourcing Feeds Historic Street Map Database

August 25, 2011

CITK Josh Bleecher-Snyder alerted me the Sanborn Maptcha project that KQED members have been helping with.  Josh writes:

 “You should check out the maps linked to from — we managed to find our house (cropped excerpt attached to this email). In addition to being super cool, it could be a good resource for any clients looking at a pre-1906 building who want to know what the plan or layout of the building was ages ago. Ours confirmed our suspicions about our lot having been split, about the back part of the building being an addition, and about the lower floor having been split in two after construction.

 So who knows what you could find about your house?  Click here to find your street!

Super cool it is Josh!  Thanks for sharing!   (Josh is good at super-cool things in general and is co-founder of which allows you to securely scan your credit card with your smartphone to buy things rather than typing in the number.)