Big Rebates for Switching to an All-Electric Kitchen

January 19, 2023

San Rafael, CA – There has never been a better time to upgrade gas-powered cooking appliances to efficient and high-performing electric options. Marin County residents in single-family homes can take advantage of the regional, rate-payer funded Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) Home+ program and the County-run Electrify Marin rebate program to make switching from a gas range or cooktop to induction more affordable.

BayREN Home+ provides $750 for replacing an existing natural gas range or cooktop with an electric induction range or cooktop (hybrid or dual-fuel appliances do not qualify). The rebate is only available for PG&E natural gas customers.

Electrify Marin provides $250 for upgrades from gas to induction cooktops, and $500 for replacing a gas range (cooktop plus oven) with an electric induction range. Both natural gas and propane customers are eligible for the Electrify Marin rebates.

Why make the switch to induction cooking? Every year, the California electrical grid is powered by more sources of renewable energy. Residents can reduce community greenhouse emissions by switching from gas appliances to efficient electric options. Residents who have installed solar energy or have opted into to MCE Clean Energy’s Deep Green choice can enjoy powering their homes with 100% renewable energy.

Besides reducing greenhouse gas emissions, homeowners that switch to induction cooking can experience other important benefits. Induction cooking improves indoor air quality by removing combustion gases from the home. The Lawrence Berkeley National Lab has released studies on the negative health impacts of gas cooking and the inconsistent performance of range hoods in removing harmful gases from the kitchen.

Induction ranges also open up design possibilities by requiring less mechanical ventilation per the building code and by requiring less space under the cooktop, which can provide additional cabinet space.

Induction cooking works by using electricity to power a magnetic field that directly heats cookware, making them more efficient than “hot plate” electric stoves and makes cleaning easier (no caked-on food). Because the cookware is heated directly, there is less ambient heat escaping into the kitchen, which makes for a more comfortable cooking experience, and the cooking surface doesn’t heat up as much, which increases safety when cooking.

Learn more about induction cooking, or try it out before making the switch, by visiting the Marin County Sustainability Team’s Induction Cooking page, or checking out these resources:

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