Casting call: Featuring your home or business!

April 27, 2021
We have been contacted by a new company, InFocusPlus, that provides filming locations AND short term housing to film related personnel, including actors, directors, producers, writers and camera crews.  They have several projects coming with housing needs as soon as May 15, 2021.  All rentals are for 30+ days and some are for up to 100 days.  They pay really really well.  A single day shoot in a home might be as much as $10,000 or even more.  Rentals are about $6,000/month and up depending on the property.  The company is not looking for things that are already AirBNBs.  They are looking for private homes that are not currently anywhere else on the market anywhere from Napa Valley to the North Peninsula or even the near East Bay.
If you are thinking of going somewhere for the summer this might just be the ticket to fund your adventure!
We are looking for:
  • Furnished condos
  • Furnished single family homes
  • Homes, businesses, gardens to shoot in.
The crews that are coming are from Amazon Prime and Netflix with more projects planned by Apple TV and other producers.
Please take a look at their website here. There is currently no inventory listed for the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you look at the other metro areas, you can see examples of the listings.
What fun really!
Please contact me if you want to get involved!