Dear Phil and Scott – Your COVID-19 Housing Bill is, well, a lot

April 23, 2020

To read the text of the bill, click here.

Phil Ting and his co-sponsor Scott Weiner are my legislators, as they are for many people who receive this newsletter.  They can be reached here if you want to express either your support or how horrified you are… 

Phil Ting can be reached here.
Scott Weiner can be reached here.

Ting’s proposal ignores the robust rent and eviction controls already in place across California. It provides no assurances that landlords can collect rent, remove problem tenants, or get a fair hearing in the court system.   There is some protection from the foreclosures which could ultimately result from non-payment of rents but there is no corresponding reduction or stoppage of mortgage payments to help property owners cope.

According to the California Apartment Association, AB 828 denies equal justice to housing providers by:
• Forcing landlords to reduce rents by 25% — even if a tenant cannot show a COVID-19 hardship or need.
• Allowing the courts to set rents and change rental agreements already in place.
• Assuming every tenant is facing a COVID-19 hardship and must be compensated for it.
• Protecting nuisance tenants. The bill does not require tenants to answer an unlawful detainer complaint.
• Mandating that rental property owners demonstrate an economic hardship to collect the contracted rent. 
CAA asks owners to contact their state legislator and ask him or her to vote no on AB 828.  You can see their information here: