Going Green is Easy

January 21, 2010

…But it has taken a long time!  Remember back in 2008 when I posted that Stefan and I had signed up for a solar lease program with Solar City?  Well, I know I barely can think that far back, but the installers showed up bright and early Monday morning and the panels are going in today!  They installed a power converter box in the garage, reinforcements to our attic framing and then commenced installing the grid on the roof.  We will save a tiny bit of money each month over the cost of the lease, but the real incentive to participate is simply that we will be doing something to reduce carbon emissions using a part of our house we never even see – the roof!

The experience with Solar City has been slow, but not painful.  They have taken care of the plans and the permits.  Also, during the waiting period, the size of our system has increased from a 2.0 kilowatt system to a 2.7 kilowatt system for the same price, so we and the environment have benefitted from the delay.

The next steps are the city inspection, PGE inspection and turning the system on!

For more information on installing solar panels on your house, I recommend contact Jeanine at Luminalt at (415) 564-7652  (Luminalt is a local company located in the Sunset District using solar panels manufactured by the employer of Client In The Know Tanya Baker!); or Jesse Brennan at Solar City  650.963.5140.  It can’t hurt to check it out!