Growing Up in a Garden

June 13, 2009

n1067128327_479125_4569483If we’re connected on Facebook, you’ve already seen this picture of Elvis at our new community garden plot.  Just two weeks later, we have arugula, radishes, basil, pumpkins, peas and various other things sprouting.  We also, unfortunately, had a gopher siting.  It’s been really fun so far!  Although we have a yard, the placement of the fences does not make it ideal for cultivation of vegetables and we’ve also enjoyed getting to know some of our fellow gardeners.  The cost?  $25 a year.  The land is owned by SF Park & Rec and the $25 goes into a community fund for things like garden hoses and other improvements. 

These gardens are tucked away in out of the way unused spaces and offer an opportunity to experiment, grow your own food and make new friends.   If you’d like to participate in a community garden, here’s a complete list of what’s out there in San Francisco.  Waiting lists range from none to a few months or even several years.  It’s worth checking out, as there’s no better way to eat local than to grow your own.  To see the complete garden list, click here.  If you belong to a garden, post on the blog and let me know what you think of yours!