Home of the Week: Can I Have This One Please?

July 12, 2012

Clients often ask how I can help falling in love with houses all the time.  I really like houses, but I have a good one that I like so I don’t have too much trouble resisting.  But when I saw 1960 Jones on Tuesday, it got to me.  It has all the things that are hard to find in a city home:  a walk- out garden, sunshine, views, rational original floor plan, great location (Jones & Union in Russian Hill!), and 2 car parking.  I don’t even typically like corner homes, but the way 1960 Jones is shielded by trees it feels private even though it is on a relatively busy street.  But more than all that, I just sensed it was a happy place – one that I was reluctant to leave.  I spent the next hour scheming how I could change everything and get my hands on this house.

1960 Jones was built in 1906, is attributed to Bernard Maybeck, and built in the First Bay tradition.  It could use a few upgrades, but they will be well worth doing. Let me know if you or yours want to know more!

(And if you want more on architectural styles, please see, as always, James Dixon’s excellent summary.)