How big does a SF bathroom need to be?

January 31, 2020
When I clicked on this article, which features bathrooms under 75 sq feet, I was hoping to see some examples of bathrooms squeezed into small spaces.  What I learned is that most SF bathrooms are far smaller than 75 sq feet so while there are some great features in these the article had little to teach me except about finish combinations. 
But what I learned is that about 40 sq feet is all it takes for a complete full bath. The vast majority of San Francisco homes and flats have only one bath or a single split bath.  The question always is- where can I put another bath!   Very often we can convert a split bath to a bath and a half for about $6k To 10k.  I can sometimes squeeze in a shower for approximately $10k if I can find a space.  The addition of an entire bath is almost always less than $50k.  The smallest bath a client has ever added was about 4’ x 8’ – a mere 32 sq feet.  By comparison 75 sq feet is palatial!  Which probably has you wondering if you could fit one somewhere. 
Considering the value of a 1/2 bath in San Francisco seems to me to be around $75k and a full bath may be worth as much as $250k it is a no brainer to figure out where to fit one in. 
If you or anyone you know is thinking of adding a bath or a 1/2 bath, I’d be happy to help you strategize!  If no walls are moved, often only over the counter building and/or plumbing permits are needed.  Let me know if I can help!