How to Find Things Out (About Your Neighbors)

September 28, 2012

You often call me with questions about things that are going on with buildings or plans for building next door or around the corner from you.  I’m always happy to help but I thought you might have fun exploring things for yourselves.

For most of your questions, my go to resource is the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.  On their website you can look up all the permits and COMPLAINTS for a given address or APN (Assessor’s Parcel Number).  You can access the site at

Second in line is the San Francisco Assessor’s office, where they now have a video to help you apply for a temporary reduction in property taxes, among other great information.  You can find that website here.

Finally, San Francisco has a interdisciplinary tool called the San Francisco Property Information Map that allows you to look up a site address and find information regarding everything from zoning, to landmark information, to traffic planning zones to assessed values.  You can access the San Francisco Property Information Map here.

Try to use the information you obtain tactfully at all times 🙂