Let your supervisor know if you are sick of the pants-free parade

October 4, 2012

I know I am.  I do not enjoy seeing George Davis’s altogether every time I am near Castro & Market.  It makes my son uncomfortable and, you know what?   Me too.  At an appropriate public event, I don’t mind if people are nude or scantily clad, but this daily parade of the pants-free should be stopped.  It’s bad for the city as a whole and for the health of the generally very inclusive Castro neighborhood specifically.

Natalie Rome of Paragon is quoted in the Chronicle today as saying that George and his band caused a couple to steer clear of the area.  I had the same thing happen this summer as well.  To read the Chron article, click here.

Supervisor Scott Weiner has proposed a ban on public nudity.  While it might be better if a supervisor with a different last name sponsored the legislation, his name may help the whole thing catch on.  My thanks to you Scott for taking a  potentially unpopular stand and talking about what we’ve all been trying to ignore lately.  To contact your supervisor to let them know you support (or do not support) the measure, click here.