Living415, an Evening Open House and A Perspective on Mission Bay

June 12, 2014

Elvis and Dandelion 6914I will be at 436-438 Tehama this afternoon from 4-5 for a showing of the whole building. If you are out and about, please stop by. It is a great building with some pretty exciting financials and possibilities for an owner/user. To find out more, click here.

I had an epiphany last December driving across Mission Creek on my way to an even at UCSF – Mission Bay is a reality. It is no longer something politicians wrangle over, that might someday come. Like Moscone Center in the 80s and Yerba Buena in the 90s, it has emerged as an actual fact. The scope of new construction in the Eastern Neighborhoods is something that I wrote about back when I started this newsletter/blog in 2007 but then it was just a bunch of fields of weeds with a building here and there. The vision was hard to see even with the visual aids. Now, it is changing the city we call home in a permanent way. To learn more, read here.

And speaking of back when I started this newsletter: I started with the idea of keeping you informed and, of course, staying in touch. I called it ClientsInTheKnow. Wordy, but descriptive. Over the years, I have been thinking more and more about what it means to me to be a little part of all of your lives and about why we are all here. It is really about choices and lifestyle. As another Realtor in town says, “Where you live matters.” I agree, and I want to include that thought, but still want to focus on providing information for the sake of creating common understanding and helping you make decisions. It is not always easy to live here, considering prices and competition, but it is always worth it. Accordingly, I have renamed my blog Living415, which I hope captures these ideas and, if nothing else, is shorter.

Hope to see you soon!