Market Update

November 20, 2008

One thing isn’t new in San Francisco Real Estate – everyone is talking about home values all the time. Unfortunately, instead of gloating about how much equity we all have, many of us are now worrying that we don’t have enough or that we may be underwater. If you’d like to check in on your reality, just ping me and I’ll do a quick analysis for you.

Some good news is that long term interest rates remain very appealing. If you are heading towards the end of your fixed rate period and thinking of refinancing, please give me a call so I can give you an idea of where you stand on a loan to value ratio.

Success Story:  A “Client In The Know” contacted me last week when a computer appraisal put here value on a refi about 10% below the actual value of her condo. With a few minutes work, I was able to provide the info to appeal the appraisal. If you or someone you care about finds themself in a similar situation, don’t hesitate to ask for my help! I am honored to be your real estate advisor and this is one of the ways I can provide value to you in between when you are buying or selling.

In the market for the last two weeks, we do see a significant shift towards sellers accepting offers under asking price.  Volume is also bit down from my last report.

                                Over      Under   At

SFD                        21           32           7

Condo                   17           31           21

2-4 Units               4              8              1