No on #200375 – important vote today in SF Supervisors Land Use Committee

June 8, 2020
There is a critical hearing today in the Land Use committee.  Please email your supervisors.  My letter is below.

Board of Supervisors’ Proposal to Permanently Prohibit Evictions for Unpaid Rent Due to COVID-19 Will be Heard Today starting at 1:30 PM.

There will be no in-person meeting- it will be conducted over the phone and on Please use the instructions below to dial into the Land Use Committee’s Hearing today, on 6/8/20.
It’s important that you ALSO contact the Land Use Committee and your Supervisor (or the Supervisor where your building is) prior to the hearing by phone and by email. Use “No on #200375” in your email subject line.

Hi Supervisors Mar and Preston,

As a landlord in districts 4 and 5 and a homeowner, I implore you to vote no on this measure.

I am 100% in favor of deferring rents if there is a valid reason for the tenant not to pay rent during this time. I am 100% in favor of us all being kind and reasonable with each other. But I, and my friends and clients cannot afford to bear the brunt of the economic times were are in for our tenants. Rents should be collectible and order for that to ever be true in any real sense, not paying the rent ever should eventually result in the tenant moving on and the landlord having the right to evict the tenant for non payment.

Without this crucial tool, I feel that many more tenants than need to will forego paying their rent. The fact that landlords have a weak, eventual recourse to get the rent will keep tenants honest and only those who need to will defer their rent. Taking away this right invites bad behavior and will just lead to problems for all of us.