Oh no! The MLS has been hacked!!!!

August 21, 2023

In the real estate way back machine, people used to list their home with a broker, or even more than one, and those brokers would individually advertise the home for sale and try to find a buyer. Sixty+ years ago many brokers realized that by cooperating with other brokers to find the buyer properties would sell faster and for more money AND both buyer and seller would more of then have their own representation, which was a good ethical practice.

Local communities of Realtors formed boards, and started sharing information in what has commonly come to be called the multiple listing service or “MLS.” Each of these is kind of home grown and has developed their own system. Many, across 12 states from Massachusetts to California, work with a single software company, Rappatoni, based in southern California that has been the victim of a ransomeware attack that has taken a lot of individual MLS systems, including ours in San Francisco, Marin and Napa/Sonoma offline for over a week …

Be assured that who your Realtor is matters these times. Choose the best problem solver you can find because the world presents new challenges with a daunting consistency! We belong to multiple MLS’s, maintain our own database of local agents and have great relationships with them. These are the tools that have allowed us to launch listings throughout, move our appraisals forward, support buyers in making the right offers as though there is no disruption in progress.

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