Real Estate Investment Workshop

April 23, 2020

Now is an excellent opportunity to access and build your investment portfolio.

Join Anne Kennedy, seasoned real estate investor and instructor, as she guides you through a hands-on session for beginning and experienced real estate investors, and their advisors.

In this workshop, you will discover:

  • how to develop the mindset of an investor
  • sound criteria for identifying great investment opportunities
  • proven and tested models to help you build your investment portfolio

Presented by Anne Kennedy

Date Time: Apr 30, 2020 05:00 PM Pacific Time

Anne built her real estate sales and investing business by following proven models and systems, and by developing strong relationships with clients and business partners who find her personal warmth and unique skills highly valuable.

Clients benefit from her wealth and breadth of experience, which includes developing her own investment portfolio and teaching investing across the US for the past 18 years. She also brings extensive experience from her thousands of closed transactions in the roles of agent and as Broker of Record for hundreds of agents in her brokerages.

Anyone interested in building wealth through real estate investing is invited to participate.