Reboot SF

March 5, 2024

I have recently joined forces with some other SF real estate veterans to help improve the safety of our city at ReBootSF. We are partnered with Neighbors for a Better San Francisco, who commissioned a study to learn why, even after arrests and prosecutions are on track, open air drug dealing and attendant property crimes are still the norm in some areas.  Over a six month study of the cases going through superior court, they found that every 15 minutes a superior court judge makes a decision about our public safety and that 12 of our 52 superior court judges are responsible for a vast number of repeat offenders being returned to the streets. We have the rare opportunity on March 5 to replace two of these judges.   They also found that 30% of voters simply don’t vote for judges because they don’t have enough information.  After looking at what they found, I am strongly supporting the election of Jean Roland and Chip Zecher to the office. They will uphold the law and make a noticeable dent in this issue.   I have window signs and have enclosed a voter guide. If you are sick of seeing and hearing negative things in and about or beautiful home, please help do something about it by posting a sign, voting and passing along this information.   Let me know if you want a sign!

Jay Cheng came to the KW Advisors San Francisco office to cut with us about this, here is a link to some of his most interesting stats –

Seat 1 – Chip Zecher

Sear 13 – Jean Myungjin Roland