Sloat Garden Center Possible Redevelopment into High Density Housing with Views

June 11, 2020

Of course, there are people throwing mud… And I’ll throw a little myself.  I love Sloat Garden Center, but it is not the best use of that large piece of land in a city where we just don’t have enough housing.  I think that the square mass proposed in this drawing is not in keeping with the character of the neighborhood or the city – it should have some more contour to protect the homes to the north from the giant shadow it will otherwise cast.  We have a gorgeous city and should not build ugly things just because it’s efficient.  But we also focus TOO MUCH with big developments like this on “affordable” housing. It doesn’t matter what kind or category of housing you build – just build more, and some housing somewhere will become more affordable.  The market in the Outer Parkside is just not going to support condos at too high a price level.  You can still buy a pretty decent house here for $1.2MM.  That is going to limit what anyone will pay for a condo, no matter how good the view is.  As proof I will offer that there are currently condos for sale at the building across the street at the Westerly (which will obstruct some views in this new building) and they don’t seem to be breaking all the records for pp sq foot and time on market.