105 Years Ago Today, the City Was in Flames

April 18, 2011

And look at her now:

source: www.flickr.com (click to see the whole set!).

This picture was taken in November 2010 by a pilot from Napa.  My dad sent me the link.  This picture brought out the giant sap in me.  Not as many tears as that ride at Disneyland, Soaring Over California, but this image reminds me how lucky I am to be here, in the best place on earth.  It’s worth the risk, the expense and the small closet to be able to say, “that’s home.”

But speaking of risk, there is a serious one that in the event of a major earthquake it could be 72 hours before you and your family can reasonably expect help from an outside source.  If you have not invested in making an emergency plan (or if yours needs a touch up), this little card can help:









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