Taking Stock – Lucky to be in San Francisco

December 23, 2010

At the end of the year it’s time to take stock and consider that we have a lot to be thankful for here in San Francisco.

For starters, Trulia has designated SF the #1 of best American cities to invest in real estate in 2011.  That means that if you’re holding property here, or planning to buy, you are on the right track for the long term.  Being on this list means that our overall outlook is good for us on jobs and other things – not just that values haven’t fallen as much as in some other places.  To see the article click here.  If you want to check in on how you’re doing, please call me any time for a market analysis update on your properties.  It’s possible that your specific situation would be improved by trading up, acquiring another property or even selling right now.  I’m happy to weigh in and provide the information that will help you make good decisions when you’re wondering.

For those who can’t resist a little schadenfreude, the list of the worst places to invest in 2011, can be found here.  (WARNING:  if you are on vacation and real estate seems too cheap to be true in one of these worst places (or anywhere else), be careful!  The fundamentals of the community will ultimately drive real estate prices in to the future and what it means to be on this list is that the fundamentals are not strong.)

As far as my own business, I have much to be thankful for as well.  2010 was another challenging but successful year solving real estate problems brought to be in large part by YOU – my wonderful Clients In the Know!  I can never thank those of you enough who consistently remember that I’m here to help you and yours with real estate and related issues.  I really appreciate your faith and trust and I look forward to the next set of challenges I’m sure you’ll be bringing me in 2011!