Tuesday’s Brokers’ Lunch at 135 Parnassus

November 20, 2014

Tuesday’s broker’s lunch at 135 Parnassus was very well attended, and so many people asked for the recipes I thought I’d post them.

Le Menu

Boeuf de vin noir de Cahors with vegetables, mushrooms and and farro


– Crème fraiche
– Meyer lemon gremolata

Salad of shaved fennel, Fuyu persimmon and arugula

For the Boeuf, take the classic Julia Child recipe and make the below modifications (This is a good example of the classic recipe if you don’t have the book).

1. Half the meat and 4x the veggies. So, for that entire pot yesterday I used 1.5lb bacon and 6lb beef. And not 2 carrots, which would be Julia’s # for 6lb beef, but 2 lb carrots (about 16) and about 4lb mushrooms (she would have used 2lb mushrooms).

2. Add celery. I used an entire bunch

3. Use canned tomatoes (chopped or whole, whatever you have) not tomato paste (which is gross IMO). I used one 26 oz can but I easily could have used 2.

4. Use more wine. I used 2.5 bottles for that pot

5. Don’t use burgundy (bourguignon) necessarily. I used a wine from the southwest of France nicknamed “black” wine (or vin noir) that was perfect for the purpose and less expensive.

6. Use more garlic (1 full head for that pot)

7. Use more black pepper and some white pepper as well

8. Use regular onions because it is a pain to peel those little ones

9. 3 chipotle peppers were in the pot but removed before serving

10. Add Farro

I followed the recipe up to the point where she has you put the beef in the oven (Lardons, brown beef, flour beef, sear again.) At that point, I added half my non-mushroom veggies, the tomatoes, and ¾ of the garlic and cooked it on very low on the stovetop for about 4 hours. In this case I turned the pot off at 2am. While the beef simmered, I sautéed the mushrooms separately and let them sit. In the am, I added a bit of water and got it boiling again. Then added the rest of the carrots, onions and celery, about 500g Farro (one package) and the mushrooms to the pot and simmered it again for about one hour.

For the Gremolata I included garlic, Meyer lemon peel, and curly leaf parsley with about 2x as much of each successive ingredient: twice the lemon that there was garlic, twice the parsley that there was lemon peel.

For the salad:

-shaved fennel, red onions and fuyu persimmons using a mandolin.
-Black pepper
-White pepper
-Sel gris
-Olive oil
-Aged (thick and sticky) balsamic

It was six or seven heads of fennel, a full package of arugula, six persimmons and only half an onion.

That’s it! Thanks again for coming! I always enjoy feeding you guys. -J