Watch Out for Those Flashers

February 1, 2012

One CLIK wrote last week that she’s been “flashed all over town.”  I was initially concerned but I started giggling when I realized she was talking about all the red light cameras.  Running a red light is going up to $436.  She has kindly passed along this article on the shockingly high new traffic and parking fines that went into effect this month.

Apparently handicapped zone parking violations are going up to $976 and so is stopping in a bus loading zone.  Nearly $1000 to drop someone off when the buses don’t even use them half the time?  If you’ve ever been on tour with me, you know I fearlessly use driveways and double park but am terrified of ramps and hydrants.  I fear you will all be forced to follow my example or risk bankruptcy.

To read the article, click here.  And thanks, you know who you are, for sending this along.