We Are Still Helping Clients While SIP

April 22, 2020

Let’s face it:  social distancing and SIP are here to stay for a while.  But the world has not stopped turning.  People are still having babies, getting new jobs and need housing.  People are still downsizing and, especially for those who already put moving plans in motion before SIP, need or want to sell their homes.

It is, strangely, a great time to sell as well as a great time to buy.   On both sides, our strategies are working to make our clients more successful in the marketplace than their competition.

There are very few homes on the market, so while it’s important you have the best navigator possible who can exploiting every channel and medium possible to present your home, it can be a great time to sell.  On single family homes we are regularly seeing multiple offers and great sale prices.  Buyers are motivated to get a better place to live more than before because SIP has them just sick of where they are living now.

For buyers, there are opportunities to be had because not every agent understands how to market a home right now OR how to navigate virtual showings.  Some sellers have lost faith in the market without any evidence that this is justified.  And rates have dipped to all time lows again.  Confusion and chaos are a buyer’s best friend when they have the right guidance.  This all equates to a great time to buy.  

The first few weeks, with the rules changing daily, we had a hard time figuring out what to do.  But now, with restrictions we understand and can adhere to, we are helping people get the essential business of preparing homes for sale and marketing them.  We are helping buyers maximize the effectiveness of the virtual tools available.

While SIP:
-we have signed 3 new listings
-we have helped 7 buyers get into contract on new homes
-we have expanded our services to include rental listings
-we have learned to use 3D cameras, Facebook Live, and become Zoom masters
-hosted our very first virtual client event with the Easter Bunny

One difference is that it doesn’t matter as much WHERE your current or future home is.  In this new virtual world, we can effectively help people in a broader geographic area and we have been doing it.  

So if you and yours need help with real estate anywhere in the greater bay area we are here for you!!!

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