What You Get for How Much Where in San Francisco

November 22, 2010

2010 Home Sales at Median Price by Neighborhood

Buyer demand has been strong since the autumn sales season began in mid-September. Overall median home prices continue to remain stable – as they have for the past 12–16 months – jogging up and down within a narrow band of value. Inventory is about 12% higher than 1 year ago, but Months’ Supply of Inventory remains at about 4 months of inventory, which is considered a relatively balanced situation between buyer’s and seller’s markets. However, for every 10 listings that have sold in the past 4 months, another 8 have expired without selling: buyers are choosing those properties they consider fairly priced (which typically sell quite quickly) and ignoring the rest. Average Days on Market for those houses, condos and TICs which did sell was 54 days in October, which is the lowest figure in over 2 years.

Below are specific San Francisco home sales which closed at or near the median prices for houses and condos sold in the neighborhood specified – however, they are not necessarily representative of typical values.

Specific SF HOUSE Sales at Median Price — by Neighborhood

Pacific Heights, $3,500,000, 4BR, 4.5 BA Victorian on California Street, 4509 sqft, panoramic views, decks, 6 fireplaces, 2 car parking, $776/sqft

Sea Cliff, $3,000,000, 1951 4BR, 3.5BA on El Camino del Mar; 3491 sqft; water, Golden Gate and Mt Tam views; Zen garden, 8000 sqft lot, 2 car parking, $859/sqft

Clarendon Heights, $2,800,000, modern 3-level 6BR, 5.5BA on Villa, 4580 sqft, panoramic views, all new systems, 4 car parking, $617/sqft

Russian Hill, $2,250,000, 1906 3BR, 2.5BA on Hyde, 2090 sqft, deck, garden, library, 2 car parking, $1077/sqft

Telegraph Hill, $2,000,000, 1912 3BR, 2.5BA Edwardian on Vallejo cul de sac; spectacular views of bay, bridge and downtown; roof deck, separate apartment, leased parking

Marina, $1,875,000, 1930 3BR, 2.5BA on Cervantes, 2180 sqft, seismic upgrades, bonus office, 2 pkg, $860/sqft

St Francis Wood, $1,825,000, 1956 4BR, 3.5BA on San Pablo, 3740 sqft, ocean views, bank-owned sale, 2 pkg, $488/sqft

Lake Street, $1,759,000 (median is $1.85m), 1913 3BR, 2.75BA, North of Lake Craftsman on 18th, 3465 sqft, family room, needs restoration work, 1 pkg, $508/sqft

Eureka Valley, $1,475,000, 1905 4BR, 2.5BA Victorian on Noe, 2389 sqft, family room, sunroom, 1 pkg, $617/sqft

Cole Valley, $1,450,000, 1907 3BR, 3BA on Cole, 2040 sqft, new systems and foundation, garden, deck, 2 pkg, $711/sqft

Forest Hill, $1,400,000, 1926 3BR, 3BA detached Spanish-Med on Magellan, bonus family room, deck, yard, 1 pkg

Lower Pacific Heights, $1,232,000, 1883 4BR, 2BA Victorian on Pine, needs complete renovation, 1760 sqft, 2 pkg, $700/sqft

North of Panhandle (NOPA), $1,230,000, 1910 2BR, 1.5BA Craftsman Edwardian on Hayes, 1950 sqft, seismic upgrades, decks, 2 pkg, $631/sqft

Noe Valley, $1,200,000, 1902 renovated 2BR, 2BA Victorian on Jersey, den, deck, yard, 1 pkg

West Portal, $1,095,000, 1926 4BR, 2.5BA detached Spanish-Med on Lenox, 2036 sqft, large yard, 1 pkg, $538/sqft

Diamond Heights, $1,035,000, 1975 3BR, 2.5BA contemporary on Berkeley, 2892 sqft, roof deck, Glen Canyon view, 2 pkg, $358/sqft

Potrero Hill, $950,000, 2BR, 1BA Marina-Style house on Wisconsin, north slope, bay and bay bridge views, beautiful garden, bonus office, 1 pkg

Glen Park, $929,000, 1909 2BR, 1.5BA corner-lot Victorian on Congo, 1471 sqft, garden, den, bonus rooms, 1 pkg, $632/sqft

Central Richmond, $925,000, 1919 3BR, 2BA Edwardian on 18th, 1827 sqft, 2 parking, $506/sqft

Inner Sunset, $833,000, 1948 3BR, 1.5BA contemporary on 18th Ave, FDR, patio, yard, 2 pkg, $499/sqft

Inner Mission, $800,000, 2BR, 2BA Victorian on Harrison, den, deck, bonus rooms, garden, 2 pkg

Central Sunset, $760,000, 1951 3BR, 1BA traditional on 35th Ave, 1400 sqft, expansion potential, 2 pkg, $543/sqft

Bernal Heights, $750,000, 1952 2BR, 1BA on Folsom, 1125 sqft, garden, 2 pkg, $667/sqft

Miraloma Park, $750,000, 1931 detached 2BR, 1BA on Rockdale, 1150 sqft, east views, FDR, deck, garden, 1 pkg, $652/sqft

Midtown Terrace, $750,000, 1957 3BR, 2BA on Dellbrook, 1244 sqft, bonus room with kitchenette, trust sale, 2 pkg, $603/sqft

Outer Parkside, $645,000, 1945 2BR, 1BA corner-lot house, 1089 sqft, ocean view, bonus room, expansion potential, 2 pkg, $592/sqft

Ingleside Heights, $520,000, 1955 3BR, 2BA tunnel-entrance home on Bright, 1394 sqft, 2 pkg, $373/sqft

Excelsior, $500,000, 1947 2BR, 1.5BA contemporary on Vienna, 1278 sqft, bonus BR & BA, short sale, 1 pkg, $391/sqft

Silver Terrace, $450,000, 1942 2BR, 1BA contractor special on Bridgeview, 1375 sqft, 4 pkg, $327/sqft

Specific SF CONDO Sales at Median Price — by Neighborhood

Marina, $1,100,000, 1935 2BR, 2BA Spanish-Med lower flat on Beach, FDR, sunroom, patio, shared garden, 1 pkg, $625/month dues

Russian Hill, $990,000, 1911 top-floor 2BR, 1.5BA Edwardian on Green, 1450 sqft, GG Bridge views, leased parking offsite, $219/month dues, $683/sqft

Pacific Heights, $857,000, 2BR, 2BA condo on Sacramento, 1130 sqft, doorman bldg, GG Bridge views, 1 pkg, $784/month dues, $758/sqft

Cole Valley, $827,000, 1924 2BR, 1.5BA top-floor flat on Belvedere, 1519 sqft, Marin Headlands view, FDR, 1 pkg, $250/month dues, $544/sqft

Duboce Triangle, $850,000, 2BR, 1BA top-floor Victorian on 15th, 1 car parking, $367/month dues

Eureka Valley/Castro, $790,000, 1911 2BR, 1BA top-floor flat on Hartford, 1054 sqft, downtown and Twin Peaks views, deck, $257/month dues, $750/sqft

NOPA, $775,000, 1900 2BR, 1BA lower flat on Grove, 1399 sqft, yard, deck, 2 fireplaces, 1 pkg, $225/month dues, $554/sqft

Noe Valley, $770,000, 1900 2BR, 1BA top-floor Victorian flat on 23rd , 1042 sqft, sunroom, 1 pkg, $241/month dues, $739/sqft

Nob Hill, $770,000, 1992 2BR, 2BA on Sacramento, 1289 sqft, 2 patios, city lights views, 1 pkg, $597/sqft

North Beach, $730,000, 2BR, 2BA lower flat on Vandewater, 910 sqft, walk-out garden, 1 pkg, $250/month dues, $820/sqft

Lower Pacific Heights, $693,000, 1916 3BR, 2BA top-floor Victorian on Baker, 1400 sqft, deck, 1 pkg, $300/month dues, $495/sqft

Hayes Valley, $685,000, 1992 2BR, 1.5BA townhome on lane off Fulton, 1146 sqft, 1 pkg, $411/month dues, $598/sqft

Mission Dolores, $684,000, 1907 3BR, 1BA top-floor Edwardian on Clinton Park, 1147 sqft, deck, office, leased pkg offsite, $220/month dues, $596/sqft

South Beach, $665,000, 2005 2BR, 2BA brick contemporary on King, 987 sqft, ballpark views, 1 pkg, $963/month for dues and parking, $674/sqft

Inner Mission, $649,000, 3BR, 2BA 2-level contemporary on Alabama, 1445 sqft, 1 pkg, $535/month dues, $449/sqft

SOMA, $579,000, 2002 2BR, 2BA, high-rise condo on South Van Ness, 1075 sqft, city and bridge views, 1 pkg, $539/month for dues and parking, $539/sqft

Potrero Hill, $575,000, 1999 1BR, 1.5BA top-floor condo on 17th , 1215 sqft, panoramic views, decks, family room, 1 pkg, $423/month dues, $473/sqft

North Waterfront, $537,500, 1983 1BR, 1BA high-rise condo on Lombard, 923 sqft, doorman bldg, balcony, 1 pkg, $809/month dues, $582/sqft

Western Addition, $535,000, 1963 3BR, 2BA condo on Cleary, high-rise, 1100 sqft, 1 pkg, $685/month dues, $486/sqft

San Francisco MLS sales closing between January 1 and September 30, 2010. Median price is that price at which half the sales occurred for more and half for less, and it may fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Dollar per square foot is based on “livable space”, which does not include decks, garages, unfinished basements and attics, or rooms built without permit (“bonus rooms”). Sadly, square footage figures are often unreliable or unreported. All data herein is from sources deemed reliable but subject to error and omission, and not warranted.