Who You Gonna Call?

November 20, 2008
As the mom of a seven year old, I may have seen Ghostbusters more recently than some of you, but the theme song raises a good question.  To keep you “in the know,” I thought would share with you some great links for local information that I use myself all the time.  And remember, anytime you need a home-repair related referral, please give me a call for my latest recommendations.
Printable list of essential SF phone numbers – a good list to keep on your fridge:  Click here 

Architectural Styles of SF: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/2/7/39.html

Property Tax Assessment Appeals: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/3/45/43.html

SF Biking Resources: http://www.sfbike.org/?resources

Board of Supervisors Contact Info: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/3/48/46/1/show.html

SF Recycling: http://www.sfenvironment.org/our_programs/topics.html?ssi=3&ti=5

Department of Building Inspection (DBI): http://www.sfgov.org/site/dbi_index.asp

SF Schools & School Districts: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/3/75/170/2/show.html

After School Activities: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/2/6/185.html

Parks & Playgrounds: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/2/30/132.html

Private Schools of San Francisco: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/3/67/138.html

SF Crime Maps: http://www.sfgov.org/site/police_index.asp?id=23813

San Francisco Codes: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/3/51/55.html

SF Utilities & Services: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/1/5.html

Home Maintenance & Management: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/1/3.html

Home Ownership Legal Obligations: http://www.sfbaywindow.com/articles/1/4.html

San Francisco Rent Board: http://www.sfgov.org/site/rentboard_index.asp

SF Bay Area Transit Info: http://www.511.org/

Legal articles on TICs, Condo Conversion, Tenant Evictions, Domestic Partners & RE: www.andysirkin.com, www.g3mh.com/articles.htm

25 SF Neighborhoods: maps, history, culture, sights, shopping, restaurants: www.sfgate.com/traveler/guide/sf/neighborhoods/  

SF Food & Dining: restaurant reviews, etc: www.sfgate.com/food/

Bay Area Weather: www.sfgate.com/weather/

Local Recycling Centers: enter your zip to find local resources for recycling: used paint, electronics, kitchen appliances, etc.  http://earth911.org/