Why Use a Short Term Bridge Loan?

April 15, 2024

Why Use a Short Term Bridge Loan?

I am asked sometimes what a bridge loan is and I thought the two below examples really spell out some of the potential.  If you can find another way it’s probably cheaper, but if you value your time and flexibility, or end up in an unexpected jam, a talented lender like Sofia and Golden Gate Lending Group can save the day.


Sonoma to Carmel with the Help of a Bridge Loan
Client had lived in Sonoma for decades and was ready to downsize, but wanted to buy a new home first and then sell his estate for approximately $10 Million. He needed to renovate in order to sell for the highest price and he did not want to live through the renovation process. Client will pay off the bridge loan in full when he sells his Sonoma property. Golden Gate Lending Group advanced a $5 million bridge loan so he could make an all-cash offer, with no contingencies, for a $ 5.5 million off-market listing in Carmel – which was quickly accepted. 

Bridging the Money Gap
Client purchased a Marin County home for $3.35 million to be closer to family. Same client was in contract to sell their current home, but the sale fell apart and they were short on cash needed to close on the new Marin home purchase. Within 7 days, Golden Gate Lending Group provided a short-term loan for $1.5 million to cover the shortage. Client took their home off market for a few weeks in order to prep and stage. Home then sold quickly for $200,000 more than previous sale contract.

Golden Gate Lending Group, is California’s #1 residential bridge lender specializing in luxury property bridge loans ranging from $500K to $10M. With more than half a billion dollars in closed loans, Golden Gate Lending Group offers owner-occupied and consumer bridge loans that provide interim financing solutions for individuals, Realtors and real estate developers, navigating time-sensitive opportunities.

Golden Gate Lending Group operates with three service priorities always in mind:

  • Unparalleled speed – with fast 24-hour loan approvals specifically tailored for luxury residential properties across California
  • Customized solutions – with bridge loan solutions designed to align with your individual real estate needs, objectives, and aspirations
  • Flawless service — that ensures a seamless, painless and efficient experience from application to closing


  • Consumer Bridge Loans
  • Residential Bridge Loans
  • Fix and Flip Loans
  • Private Second Mortgages
  • Interim Financing
  • Owner-Occupied Bridge Loans
  • Private Money
  • Distressed Property Loans
  • 1031 Exchange Loans
  • Gap Financing
  • Construction Loans
  • Quick Close Loans
  • Transition Loans
  • Short-Term Home Loans


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